Enterprise Synology RC18015xs+

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  • Enterprise Synology RC18015xs+
  • Hardware Specifications
    CPU Model Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2
    CPU Frequency Quad Core 3.3 GHz
    Floating Point  
    Hardware Encryption Engine (AES-NI)  
    System Memory 8 GB DDR3 ECC
    Memory Module Pre-installed 4 GB X 2
    Total Memory Slots 4
    Memory Expandable up to 32 GB (8 GB X 4)
    Maximum Drive Bays with Expansion Unit 180
    External Ports
    USB 3.0 Port 2
    Expansion Port 1
    File System
    Internal Drives
    • Btrfs
    • EXT4
    External Drives
    • Btrfs
    • EXT4
    • EXT3
    • FAT
    • NTFS
    • HFS+
    Size (Height X Width X Depth) 44 mm X 430 mm X 480 mm
    Weight 7.3 kg
    RJ-45 1GbE LAN Port 4 (with Link Aggregation / Failover support) + 1 for Heartbeat
    PCIe x8 Slot for 10GbE / 1GbE Network Card 1 (at x8 mode)
    Wake on LAN/WAN  
    System Fan 40 mm X 40 mm X 6 pcs
    Fan Speed Mode
    • Cool Mode
    • Quiet Mode
    Easy Replacement System Fan  
    Power Recovery  
    Noise Level* 48 dB(A)
    Scheduled Power On/Off  
    Power Supply Unit / Adapter 2 X 150W
    AC Input Power Voltage 100V to 240V AC
    Power Frequency 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
    Power Consumption* 60.16 W (Access)
    British Thermal Unit 205.27 BTU/hr (Access)
    Redundant Power Supply (for xs+ and RP model)  
    Environment Temperature
    Operating Temperature 5°C to 35°C (40°F to 95°F)
    Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-5°F to 140°F)
    Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH
    • FCC Class A
    • CE Class A
    • BSMI Class A
    Warranty 5 Years
    Notes When upgrading RAM to more than 24GB, the original 4GB RAM modules must be removed.
    DSM Specifications
    Storage Management
    Maximum Single Volume Size
    • 200 TB (32GB RAM required, for RAID 5 or RAID 6 groups only)
    • 108 TB
    Maximum Internal Volume Number 1024
    Maximum iSCSI Target Number 128
    Maximum iSCSI LUN 512
    iSCSI LUN Clone/Snapshot, Windows ODX  
    RAID Group  
    Supported RAID Type
    • Basic
    • JBOD
    • RAID 0
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 5
    • RAID 6
    • RAID 10
    RAID Migration
    • Basic to RAID 1
    • Basic to RAID 5
    • RAID 1 to RAID 5
    • RAID 5 to RAID 6
    Volume Expansion with Larger HDDs
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 5
    • RAID 6
    Volume Expansion by Adding a HDD
    • RAID 5
    • RAID 6
    • JBOD
    Global Hot Spare Supported RAID Type
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 5
    • RAID 6
    • RAID 10
    SSD Support
    SSD Read/Write Cache  
    File Sharing Capacity
    Maximum User Accounts 16000
    Maximum Groups 512
    Maximum Shared Folder 512
    Maximum Shared Folder Sync Tasks 32
    Maximum Concurrent CIFS/AFP/FTP Connections 2048
    Windows Access Control List (ACL) Integration  
    NFS Kerberos Authentication  
    Data Protection Manager  
    High Availability Manager  
    Log Center  
    Syslog Events per Second 3000
    VMware vSphere 5 with VAAI  
    Windows Server 2012  
    Windows Server 2012 R2  
    Citrix Ready  
    Add-on Packages
    Antivirus Essential  
    Antivirus by McAfee (Trial)  
    Audio Station  
    Central Management System  
    Cloud Station  
    Maximum Concurrent File Transfers 1024
    Cloud Sync  
    Directory Server  
    DNS Server  
    Download Station  
    Maximum Concurrent Download Tasks 80
    Glacier Backup  
    HiDrive Backup  
    iTunes Server  
    Java Manager  
    Mail Server  
    Mail Station  
    Media Server  
    DLNA Compliance  
    Note Station  
    Photo Station  
    RADIUS Server  
    Surveillance Station  
    Maximum IP cam (Licenses required) 90 (including 2 Free License)
    Total FPS (H.264)* 2700 FPS @ 720p (1280x720)
    1080 FPS @ 1080p (1920×1080)
    650 FPS @ 3M (2048x1536)
    500 FPS @ 5M (2591x1944)
    Total FPS (MJPEG)* 900 FPS @ 720p (1280x720)
    360 FPS @ 1080p (1920×1080)
    250 FPS @ 3M (2048x1536)
    150 FPS @ 5M (2591x1944)
    Video Station  
    Video Transcoding Group 1
    VPN Server  
    Maximum Connections 30
    Notes Surveillance Station throughput is tested with Axis P1347 (H.264@1280x720@30FPS), using continuous recording with live view from Surveillance Station and motion detection by camera. Live view and recording are sharing the same stream from the camera. Recording video is saved every 5 minutes with the limit of archive folder up to 1GB.
    Environment & Packaging
    Environment RoHS Compliant
    Packaging Content
    • Main Unit X 1
    • Accessory Pack X 1
    • AC Power Cord X 2
    • Quick Installation Guide X 1
    Optional Accessories
    • Camera License Pack
    • 8GB (4GB X 2) ECC RAM Module Kit
    • 16GB (8GB X 2) ECC RAM Module Kit
    • Expansion Unit: RXD1215sas X 15
    • VS360HD
    • Synology RKS1314 - Rail Kit Sliding
    • Synology RKM114 - Rail Kit Mounted
    • Synology Ethernet Adapter E10G15-F1


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