TeraStation™ WS5400D 4 Bay with Windows® Storag

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  • TeraStation™ WS5400D 4 Bay with Windows® Storag
  • TeraStation™ WS5400D 4 Bay with Windows® Storage Server 2012

    TeraStation™ WS5400D brings you the power of Windows® Server OS and Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core Processor in a 4-bay form factor. The TeraStation™ WS5400D is powered by the Microsoft Windows® Storage Server 2012 Workgroup Edition, providing seamless integration with all Windows® computers and servers.
    WS5400D0404 (4TB)
    WS5400D0804 (8TB)
    WS5400D1204 (12TB)

    Technical Specifications



    Dual Core Intel® Atom™ Processor D2550 1.8GHz


    4GB DDR3



    Windows® Storage Server 2012 Standard Edition

    Connection Limit

    Up to 50 connections

    Internal Hard Drives

    Drive Interface

    SATA (II)3Gbps

    Number of Bays


    Hard Drive Capacities


    Total Capacities


    Supported RAID Levels

    JBOD,RAID 0/1/5

    LAN Interface

    Standard Compliance

    IEEE 802.2ab/IEEE 802.3u/IEEE 802.3

    Link Speed

    10/100/1000 Mbps with Jumbo Frame

    Connector Type


    Number or LAN Ports


    USB Interface

    Standard Compliance

    USB 3.0 / 2.0

    Number of Ports

    2×USB 3.0/2×USB 2.0

    Data Transfer Rate

    5Gbps USB3.0/480mbps USB 2.0(theoretical value)

    Serial Port

    Connector Type

    D-SUB 9pin

    Number of Port


    Protocol Support



    File Sharing


    Directory Integration

    LDAP,Active Directory


    Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP),Terminal Services Client

    Time Synchronization



    Dimensions(W × H × D)

    170 × 260 × 230mm



    Power Supply

    Internal,AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption

    Max. 86W

    Operating Environment


    Supported OS

    Windows® 8 (32/64bit), Windows® 7 (32/64bit), Windows Vista™ (32/64bit), Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2008,Windows Server® 2003, Windows® 2000 Server,Mac OS® X 10.4 and above

    Seamlessly share large files from multiple location within the network

    With TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series, you can share large files within the network with cross-platform support
    for versatility and access restrictions for security.

    Expand your existing server's storage capacity with iSCSI

    The TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series can be used as an iSCSI storage array, allowing you to expand the
    storage space of your existing server. Since this can be done through the LAN network, installation location
    can be flexible.

    Increase storage capacity for virtual server environment with iSCSI

    The TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series can be used as additional storage for virtual server environment.
    By mirroring two TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series, system with greater redundancy can be created.

    Equipped with Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core Processor & DDR3 memory

    The TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series is equipped with Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core Processor, 4GB DDR3
    memory, and USB 3.0, maximizing the data transfer speed to support large data transfers and multiple data
    transfers which occurs constantly in daily business operations.

    *Test conducted by Buffalo on December 2012.
    [PC] Motherboard: Intel DH77KC (PU-0015), Chipset: Intel H77, BIOS: KCH7710H.86A.0095.2012.0608.1754,
    CPU: Intel Corei3 2100, Memory: DDR3-1600 2GB, System: 64bit OS, Gigabit Ethernet: Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection,
    HDD: Seagate ST31000DM003 x2 RAID, OS: Windows7 x86 Professinal SP1 [NAS] WS5600D, WS-6VL/R5
    Connected WS5600D and WS-6VL/R5 to PC by LAN and mounted as network drive, then ran five tests
    using NASPT Ver.1.71. Above value has been taken from the average of three test results, excluding maximum and minimum value.

    *Measured values were obtained in a specific test environment; this does not necessarily gurarantee similar results can be
    achieved in all operating environments.

    HDD replaceable with optional hard drive cartridge

    The TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series uses cartridge type tray for easier HDD replacement. HDD can be
    quickly replaced by lifting the lever and sliding the cartridge out from the slot. No need to remove screws.
    OP-HDS, an optional hard drive cartridge for TeraStation™ 5000 Series can be used for replacement.

    Efficient account administration with Active Directory support

    The TeraStation™ WSS 5000 Series uses the account information registered in the Active Directory server
    to control access to files and folders stored on the unit. This means that it requires no separate account
    management. In addition, the server can accommodate an unlimited number of registered users and groups,
    so it can be used even in large-scale environments. Active Directory centralizes management of account
    information, which vastly reduces the work of setup and administration, even with systems using multiple units.

    Group administration function provides flexibility and rigorous security

    Read-only and read-write attributes can be set for the individual folders and files residing on the unit. You can
    also restrict access to shared folders for groups and users individually for secure, efficient data management.

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