LinkStation™ LS441DE

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  • LinkStation™ LS441DE
  • LinkStation™ 441DE High Performance 4 drives RAID Network Storage


    The LinkStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) is an incredibly powerful yet convenient way to link and manage data stored on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Easy to set up and use, the LinkStation features massive storage and is packed with convenient features for transferring files, streaming content, adding disks, backing up and protecting data, and more.

    Enclosure : LS441DE



    Name LS441DE


    OS Linux Original
    CPU Marvell ARMADA 370
    Clock 1.2GHz
    Memory DDR3 512MB

    Internal Hard Drives

    Number of Drives 4
    Drive Interface SATA II
    Supported RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD (Normal)
    Drive Capacity LS441DE(Enclosure)

    LAN Interface

    Standard Compliance IEEE802.3/3u/3ab
    Speed and Flow Control 10/100/1000 Mbps (Auto Sensing)
    Number of Ports 1 x RJ-45 (Auto MDIX)

    USB Interface

    Standard Compliance Front : USB 3.0 / Rear: USB2.0, USB3.0
    Connector Type A type
    Number of Ports 1 x USB2.0 / USB3.0 x 2

    Key Feature

    Active Directory support Y
    Energy Save Y
    Apple Bonjour® Y
    Apple Time Machine® Y
    iTunes® Server Y
    WebAccess Y
    BitTorrent™ Y
    DLNA™ Media Server Y


    Client OS Support Windows® 8.1/8 (32/64-bit), 7 (32/64-bit), Vista® (32/64-bit), XP, Windows®Server 2012/2008,
    Mac OS®X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
    Power Consumption 42W (Average), 90W (MAX)
    Dimensions (LxWxH, ) 127.5 x 177 x 227
    Weight 2.3 kg (Empty enclosure)
    Operating Environment 5-35°C, 20-80% (non-condensing)
    Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Warranty 3-year


    Easily access files the same way you do with smartphones, tablets and computers.

    Gives everyone in the family quick access!

    This unit enables high-speed data transfers with speed more than 80 MB/s. Enjoy getting to your photos, movies, and music quickly and reliably, even with the entire family accessing their data at the same time.

    Designed and built for high performance

    High-speed 100 MB/s transfers vastly reduce copy times

    Use of the latest high-speed processor technologies greatly increases processing power, providing the LinkStation with speedy data transfer speeds of up to 100 MB/s*1. Speeds exceeding standard USB 2.0 specs of 60 MB/s (480 Mbps) allow faster and more stable Hi-Vision video, streamed content, and transfers of other data-intensive files.

    *1 [PC] MB: Intel H57, CPU: Intel Core i3-540, Memory: 2 GB, OS: Windows 7; [NAS] LS441D0404 With the NAS connected to the computer via a LAN cable and the DLNA function switched off, the transfer speed of 4xHD playback (simultaneous playback of four 3-minute 45-second video files) using benchmarking software (NASPT Ver. 1.7.1). (Testing by BUFFALO, June 2014)
    *Measured values were obtained in a specific test environment; this does not necessarily guarantee similar results can be achieved in all operating environments.

    WebAccess Free Personal Cloud Service

    While on the go, Buffalo's free WebAccess service allows you to create a personal cloud for easy remote access and file sharing with anyone, anywhere over the Internet. Your data remains securely stored in one place on your home network, but you can access it quickly from any computer, tablet or smartphone device over the Web. Sharing is as easy as sending a link to your friends and family; they can securely access only the files you've selected for them to see.
    For enhanced access on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices, download Buffalo's free WebAccess mobile apps.
    WebAccess i for iPhone® and iPod® touch
    WebAccess i HD for iPad®
    WebAccess A for Android

    Scalable Solution

    RAID Modes and Diskless Enclosure Model

    This LS441DE is equipped with four internal drive bays. Along with the normal operating mode, installation of four hard disk drives provides you with four additional RAID modes (RAID 0/1/5/10) to select from according to your needs, for protection of system backup data, work data, photo and video data, and other important data from unexpected drive failure.

    RAID 5 recommended for balance of safety, speed, and capacity

    This drive features four RAID backup modes to choose from, including RAID 5, which provides an optimal balance in safety (fault tolerance), speed, and storage, RAID 0 (striping), which offers greater speed and storage capacity but with less safety, RAID 1, which achieves a high level of safety but with lower capacity, and RAID 10 for increased safety and speed, but with less storage space. You can select the backup mode that best suits your needs based on the type of data being saved and other critical points.

    RAID 5 Mode

    With RAID 5, "parity" (error correction code) is generated from the data, with recording of parity distributed among multiple drives along with the original data. In this mode, if any one of the four drives happens to fail, you can replace the drive and then restore the data from the information in the parity data.

    * While RAID 5 is effective for data protection, this does not mean that complete protection is guaranteed. Please be sure to back up your important data.
    * Note that these drives are not "hot-swappable," which means they cannot be replaced while the power switched on. Be absolutely sure to switch off the power before replacing any drive.

    RAID 10 Mode

    In this mode, the data is split up and written over a pair of two drives, and this data is then copied to another pair of drives, with each of the pairs configured as a single array. Since the same data is stored to each pair of drives, the system can withstand the simultaneous failure of up to two drives, as long as those disks do not contain the same data. This mode provides both faster performance and greater protection.

    * While RAID 10 is effective for data protection, this does not mean that complete protection is guaranteed. Please be sure to back up your important data.
    * Note that these drives are not "hot-swappable," which means they cannot be replaced while the power switched on. Be absolutely sure to switch off the power before replacing any drive.

    Striping (RAID 0) Mode

    In this mode, the stored data is distributed across the four internal drives. While this is the fastest of the four modes for reading and writing data, if a drive fails, data salvaging to recover the data on the damaged drive becomes more difficult.

    Mirroring (RAID 1) Mode

    In this mode, the same data is stored simultaneously to arrays consisting of two paired drives. This means the same data is contained in two separate drives. Thus, if one drive fails, you can recover the data by replacing the failed drive. The two drive pairs created from the four internal drives are recognized by the computer as two hard drives.

    Normal Mode

    Here, each of the four internal drives is treated as a separate drive.

    Quick Install Drives

    Hard drives are easily accessible via the front panel.

    Advanced Features

    Sleep Mode

    The LinkStation features a Timer ON/OFF function that allows the power to be switched on only at predetermined times. This both enhances convenience in using the NAS and conserves energy, and prevents wasted electricity from forgetting to switch the power off. The reduction in wasteful power consumption after office hours, on days off, or anytime the drive isn't needed also reduces CO2 emissions and helps the Earth's environment.

    iTunes® Server

    LinkStation NAS System has an integrated iTunes server allowing users to set up LinkStation as a content source to easily stream content from their LinkStation device directly to any network device running iTunes.

    *Supports playback of files on up to five computers and transfers to iPods.
    *Supported formats : Audio data (MP3/M4A/M4P)

    USB Printer Server

    Share basic printing support to client PC and Mac computers on your network. Connect one printer at a time to your LinkStation and share basic printing functions with anyone on your network.

    *Mounts as a shared printer in the LinkStation .
    *No ink or status reporting from the printer to clients.

    NAS Navigator

    Easily find and connect to your LinkStation using the NAS Navigator tool. NAS Navigator finds all NAS devices attached to your network, making it easier to manage multiple NAS devices.

    "BitTorrent" Support

    LinkStation NAS System includes uTorrent, a powerful BitTorrent client for easy torrent file management. Manage P2P file transfers directly from your LinkStation without the use of a dedicated PC. You can download and share files directly from your LinkStation and you can manage downloads from anywhere using the simple Web-based download manager.

    USB3.0 External Hard Drive Support

    Plug a USB hard drive into the available USB port to expand the total capacity of your LinkStation unit. External storage cannot be added to the LinkStation RAID array.

    No reformatting is required for external HDD & SDXC

    This unit supports the exFAT format employed in the NTFS and SDXC systems used by many computers, so there's no need to reformat disks used as additional storage. However, connection of SD cards and other such media requires a separate card reader.

    *This unit supports external HDDs formatted in FAT32, XFS, and ext3.

    Mac OS X: Time Machine®

    LinkStation supports Time Machine for Mac users, including Mac OS X Lion. Schedule backups from one or multiple Mac computers on your network.

    Back up your data and prepare for data disasters

    Windows PC Backup
    Back up Windows PCs with NovaBACKUP® Professional backup software. Included with each LinkStation NAS unit is five free licenses of NovaBACKUP®, an easy-to-use backup solution that automatically backs up your personal documents along with your favorite photos, music and important email files safely and securely. Back up PCs, notebooks and workstations.

    LinkStation Backup
    Back up and protect the data on your LinkStation NAS quickly and securely. Supports back up to another LinkStation via your home or office network (on LAN), or via the Internet (with IP).

    Back up to a USB hard drive
    Simply plug a USB hard drive into the USB accessory port on your LinkStation NAS unit and easily back up the contents of your LinkStation. Only AC powered hard drives are supported.

    Hardware Overview


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