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  • Software (VMS) FREE
  • Powerful Open Platform

    Video Management Software (VMS) FREE

    CCDRIVE Bona is the powerful video management software dedicated to CCDRIVE NVRs and Servers. BONA VMS integrates with all IP Cameras supporting standard protocols, a true IP video open platform giving you the freedom to choose equipment per requirements and budget. BONA can also connect to an unlimited number of cameras.  There are no limitations to number of users. From basic to advanced surveillance solution requirements, BONA VMS is suited for all scaled sizes and environments. There are no licensing fees for additional cameras or users. Most importantly BONA VMS is provided FREE with CCDRIVE NVRs and Servers.

    Simple, Easy to use, and Efficient

    BONA VMS is a simple, but comprehensive surveillance management solution. BONA’s efficient and intuitive user interface allows the user to split & configure screens to customized preference. Drag and drop function used to change and modify screens and positions. Preset functions can be displayed as icons.

    BONA VMS can simultaneously search up to 20 HD resolution channels or recorded video, displaying status and event occurrences using a timeline scroll bar or other search time functions. All in just a few seconds and provides one of the fastest download speeds in the industry. Rapid and accurate proof can be acquired with the use of screen capture and print function in critical events.

    Effective Management and Critical Event Recognition

    BONA VMS provides management tools that track & conditions of individual operating cameras (diagnose & control), enable supervisors to restrict user access by user level, private masking on video download, and other functions for control and monitoring.

    Beyond user defined camera views or mapping, event-based pop-ups, tower lamp, buzzer and more advanced output alarms are provided in BONA VMS for critical threat & event detection. In addition, BONA responds accurately on motion detection, object recognition and other intellectual image processing functions, and provides perimeter detection through virtual fence of cameras.

    KEY Features


    o    Integrates with all IP Cameras supporting standard protocols Onvif and RTSP

    o    No licensing fees for additional cameras or users

    o    Dedicated VMS provided FREE with CCDRIVE NVRs and Servers

    o    Easy to install

    o    Simultaneous search up to 20 HD resolution channels or recorded video

    o    Timeline scroll bar for instantaneous search & retrieval

    o    Split & configure screen views to users’ preference

    o    Customize authorization / access levels per user

    o    One of the fasted Recorded video download speeds up to 560Mbps

    o    Multiple monitoring support up to 4 monitors per PC

    o    Fault monitoring / diagnosis / control of individual operating cameras

    o    Effective event recognition with E-Map Pop-ups, motion detection response, and perimeter detection





    Intergrates with all IP cameras supporting standard protocols

    Interface with unlimited number of cameras

    Camera grouping (optional)


    Protocol : TCP/IP Protocol

    Evenly split screen : supports standard: 1/4/9/16/25/36/49/64/81/144

    User defined split screen : screen can be split according to users' preferences

    Full screen mode

    Multiple monitor support : connect up to 4 monitors from a single PC

    Drag and drop function to change and modify screen positions

    Rotation : automatic screen rotation according to predefined layouts at prearranged time interval

    Monitor & diagnose conditions of operating cameras

    Preset function and iconize commonly used functions

    Per frame video display function : i-frame

    Digital Zoom

    Fog elimination function (optional)


    Motion/Event detection

    Alarm box or message displays on live video screens

    Supports Alarm Pop-ups

    Record Alarm information to the system

    Additional Output: warning lights, buzzers, etc.


    Codec : H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG

    Protocol : LPX, Onvif, RTSP

    Recording mode: continuous/event/schedule

    Search and Playback

    The fastest search speed in the industry

    Simultaneous search up to 20 channels of recorded HD resolution video (based on Core i7-3770 3.4GHz)

    Display video recording status and event occurrence by time period using timeline scroll bar

    Calendar search function

    Search by event type and event occurrence period

    Playback direction and speed control : forward/reverse, x1/32 ~ x32

    Output Option

    Download of video data in AVI format file, by time period or start / end times

    Download of video data by occurred event and event period

    Downloaded video data can be played back using generic video players

    Masking specified sections of the video data during download

    Capturing of images in the video data and storing as JPEG files

    Remote Control & Monitoring

    Remote control of all functions within the local system

    Output and transmission of live video data from the local system

    Remote search and playback of video data stored in the local system

    User Account

    Setting up user accounts and customize authorization/access level per user


    English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese


    Supports live video Pop-up window

    Pop-up and blinking of camera/sensor icons on the map in cases of event detection

    Drag and drop function used to change and modify screen position

    Zoom-in, Zoom-out of e-map

    Sensor Interface

    Video recording and/or event output based on sensor signal

    Preset of PTZ Camera based on sensor signal input

    PTZ Control

    Manual control using mouse or joystick

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